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Every element, action, attitude and approach to the customer involves the word "Quality" in its broadest meaning: by adopting the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNV, Tecnogear has selected the most suitable method to ensure and guarantee the production process.

All our suppliers are constantly surveyed through inspection plans regarding incoming materials according to the type of processing and reliability. All raw materials purchased are accompanied by analysis and quality certificates of supply, the heat treatment is carried out by highly qualified external suppliers and certified according to the standards required by the specific process.


Internal production controls are carried out using cutting-edge equipment and are managed by analysis software, which allows to keep the values under constant control and create records of the main quality factors on board of the production line. As far as gearing is concerned, tooth eccentricity and thickness are constantly tested to verify their accuracy, according to the specifications of the drawing, as required by the appropriate inspection plan.

Other gearing features, such as the tooth contact pattern and the meshing backlash, are checked on specific machines such as Gleason testers, single flank testers with integrated automatic analysis and evolventimeter. In the metrology room, the Gleason 350GMS CMM inspection system allows us to test the accuracy of the gears and the topography according to DIN 3965 and to check the theoretical contact pattern defined in the design phase.

Each batch of bevel gears is identified in the management system to allow its traceability throughout the entire production cycle both in-house and at Tecnogear's external suppliers.

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