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Tecnogear is able to supply its customers with the finished bevel gear, ready to be installed in the final application, thanks to qualified suppliers surveyed by the internal quality system and in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Tecnogear is equipped with 29 numerically controlled gear cutting machines and 13 mechanical gear cutting machines, boasting a total of 42 gear cutting machines; 22 of these are automatically controlled and connected with a system for picking up semi-finished parts with the help of anthropomorphic robots or gantry loaders.

As far as the bevel gear finishing phase is concerned, Tecnogear is equipped with 15 lapping machines for the lapping phase and 2 grinding machines that allow to obtain high quality standards; this particular application is adopted for those bevel gears that need a reduced meshing backlash and low noise even at high speeds. Thanks to its wide range of machines, Tecnogear is able to manufacture spiral bevel gears from module 1 to module 12 with a maximum gear diameter of 400 mm. Almost all the equipment and tooling needed to make the gearing is designed and manufactured in-house.

Tecnogear can boast software programs and Numerical Control grinding machines for producing the cutting tool profile necessary for each different bevel gear design specification. The know-how and equipment developed over time allow Tecnogear to faithfully generate the geometry defined during the design phase with the customer, ensuring that the resistance and transmission capacities in the end use system are exactly complied with and without any machining compromises.

The production status and progress are constantly monitored by the management system, whose operation is based on the reading of bar codes, recording the position of a specific item within the production cycle or its placement at an external supplier, so that the status of the production batch can be promptly checked at any time.

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